At last...

Lately, it was difficult for me to have an entire day to myself as many events I couldn't come up with excuses were scheduled on my precious weekends.  But today, I had the whole day to myself and before I know it, I was standing in a creek, smiling ear to ear with my fly rod in hand.
Although the temperature reached to mid 70s today, the water felt cold.  Perfect day to be angling.
I can't believe this place was lined with thick snow not so long ago.  Patches of wild flowers were screaming with their bright colors to be noticed.
To top it all off, my first catch was a tiger trout.  It didn't hesitate to take my awkwardly drifting fly.  Must been hungry... 
This is why I visit this particular creek as it contains many healthy and colorful brookies like this one.
 Healthy browns were added to the mix. All trout were caught with the Ausable bomber pattern.  I guess they still prefer deep pool over shallow runs as the most of trout were caught in deeper water.
 I definitely had my fix today and looking forward to many mores to come.

Winter wonderland

This winter was long and brutal.  I can't remember the last time we've had this much of snow.  For this reason, I 've wondered how this weather will effect the trout that reside in mountain surroundings.  Since our last trip to the Patagonia, I've been waiting for a window of opportunity to look into my watery friends and finally I had a chance to do so this weekend.
Temperature rose to 50 degree and very sunny.  Surprisingly thick snow is still covering the area.  Packed snow made it easy to climb in and out of the creek beds.

Tiny stoneflies were everywhere which made my fly selection easy. 

Small black bodied caddis fly did great job bring them up.  The strikes were subtle.  It was more of sip then take.  First few "sips" went unnoticed as I was expecting something more exciting.

Although harsh winter restricted my fishing opportunities but ones I could get out of it was priceless.  One can't never get tired of this view and solitude you can get from the setting.

El Calafate

Here are some pictures from our trip

 We were lucky enough to witness this footage while trekking the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Day 4

We woke up around 8am which is late for our standard.  It felt incredible to sleep through the night without waking up, in a tent on an island of Patagonian river...

After a quick breakfast, we were to continue on with the trip.  It seems warmer than yesterday and there were thousands of grass hoppers were lining up the river banks.  It turns out when the temperature reaches certain point, the hoppers tend to hop not crawl and today they were hopping so making a fly selection was no brainer.
The water levels for this area definitely went down significantly from the last 3 days we've been fishing and with the anticipation of catching bigger fish, we left the island with Capt. Gabriel's command, "Vamos!"
Within 50 yards from our camping spot, Patty yells out "fish on" and starting to struggle with the line.  After a few minutes, she lands this fat bow with bulging stomach.  Gabriel tells us they are gorging themselves with freshwater crabs called Aegla.

Maybe because of lower water level or hopping hoppers, the big fish were out and eating!  The most of the trout we've caught were a lot bigger than our previous day's catch.
It was a nonstop fishing extravaganza.  Patty was too tired to fish after a few hours of fishing so she enjoyed the whole experience from the back seat.  Although it was a short trip, we were glad to be out on this beautiful country and able to meet new people and reconnect with the old friends.

Here is an instructional video I put together.  Some of you might not approve but very effective...